Tarea, Hausaufgabe, Homework

Did you know that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Don’t tell my aunt, or visit her kitchen. It is all relative. It is all relevent. It is all the same, to me anyways, I am irreverent.  But this was something new.

Whatever you want to call it, in whatever language: Tarea was the headlining band. Und diese Woche haette ich ganz zu viel Hausaufgabe. Said homework is what prevented me from putting these up… oh, my new 2 am bedtime.. Es ist mir egal. Schoenes Wochenende..

Thank you God and or Saku Koviu



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3 responses to “Tarea, Hausaufgabe, Homework

  1. Undercover Dad

    I know you have trouble really deciding which one is God.

  2. they are so sneaky.

    why not link your flickr?

  3. thankyousaku

    Would if I knew how…

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