Global Positioning (I)

“….This isn’t the town where I wanna die.” Where is my copy of the GO GETTER?










You know what tonight felt like? A waste. A night of non-decision making, leading to nothing. Choices included going to a concert, a party, and a short form show. I picked the latter. Not that it wasn’t a good show by any means, but it was the option that yielded the least excitement, took the least risk, and eventually lead me here.

You just stop, just stop and think. All you want to do is swear. There really is nothing to cry about, is that sad? There really isn’t anything preventing happiness, is that benevolence? but the F*#@’s and the S(^@’s come rolling, come stampeding out. I do too much stopping. I do too much thinking.

It is not as if going to Germany will be some saving grace from boredom and routine. I know that if I start looking at it like that I will enjoy my time here less and less and just start up the countdown. But I will allow myself to full heartedly admit, I wish I was somewhere else.






Salmon Sandwich, Spicy Catfish Tacos, Sweet Potato Tacos, No bake Cookies, Piroshky, Apple, Minestrone Soup, Cinnamon Almonds, Banana, mozzarella tomato pizza.

Sister, Whole Foods, Pike Place, Leroy’s Fine Suits, Apartment, Bus, Agua Verde, Blockbuster, Upper Playground.

At least 24 hours of this weekend were more than great.  Allison’s Cult of Happiness Optimism… I’ll just have to try harder


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  1. try it now!!
    and its Cult of Optimism, not happiness!

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