Weinen Sie nicht, anheben Sie seiner Augen nicht, Es ist nur jugendliche Wüstenei*

I’ve spent  so much time looking forward to fleeing, to getting out of here, that this stupid song caught me off guard. Ha, I’ll stop being a teenager while I’m abroad. I’ll miss countless birthdays, including my own. It hasn’t hit me fully, what I’m really about to do, to begin. But I’m hoping to make the best of it, to prove something to myself, to simply smile more. I’ll try and take pictures and aesthetically let whoever wishes ‘Deutschland zu erleben.’ I’ll miss you, but no sappy stuff. I’ll be seeing you.



benefiting from a mistake

over and over and over and over

Leaving in a day

Cult of Optimism



baba o’riley/teenage wasteland*

won’t have a cell phone



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2 responses to “unzeitgemäß

  1. woo hoo finally a post!
    i’m so excited for your trip!!!
    can we talk tomorrow pleeeeease before you go?

  2. John

    have a great time. You’ve waited along tome for this trip. Make the best of it!

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