Today is Thursday, April the 16th. Heute ist Donnerstag, 16 April.

Donner auf Deutsch bedeutet ‘Thunder.’ So Donnerstag, Thursday… THUNDERday

Since arriving in Germany the weather has seemed so perfect that it would take a thunderstorm of rain, hail and high winds to break it. It seems only fitting that it should happen on thunder day. I wish you could be hear to listen to the storm with me. (someone is playing bass drums downstairs and i’ve given up attempting to take a picture of the thunder)

nicht donner

nicht donner




Gibt’s hier in Tübingen, und auch in Deutschland, sehr viel Döner Kebab Imbiss oder etwas ähnliches, aber fast jeder Imbiss oder kleiner Restaurant verkauft Döner. Im Altstadt gibts hier am billigsten und auch vielleicht am besten. Nur 2 euro 70. (–> Here in Tuebingen, and in Germany in general, there are a lot of Doner Stands or at least it seems like every stand or restaurant here sells them. In the old city, there is the cheapest and possibly best tasting Doner in town, only 2 euro 70.)

nichts doener

nichts Döner



Pictures of Tuebingen will be up sooner than later, Lord knows I have enough of them. As well the beginnings of German Graffiti and the ABC project, along with others, will be put up soon. After having a somewhat less than memorable Easter holiday things have picked up and this ‘Beratungskurs’ has already proven to be worth it half way in. As well I am two days into my playoffs mustache, not that anyone can tell, but lets just say majestic isn’t even a good enough word for my mustache. Thanks for the positive feedback about the blog, feel free to comment or anything. As well, my postcard/mail offer still stands.







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2 responses to “DONNER

  1. Where did you get that Doner? I miss Galilea. The pictures don’t do justice to how hard it was raining. Caps may be the choke team this year. keep blogging

  2. Mm..that looks yummy. is it really that time of year again – for facial hair? -_-

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