Fußball ist Zukunft/ Football is Future


If you look in the distance you can see the handball court. As well through and to the left are basketball courts.


I don't have a proper scale, but the boards came up to about my waist, similar to Ice hockey boards

Finally putting up pictures of the miniature football pitch inbetween where I live in Wanne Kunsthalle and ‘the heart of the dorms’ WHO (Wald Häuser Ost). I was pretty scared about playing Football for the first time against Euros, but when the time finally came I did just fine. The pitch is just perfect for a fast moving 4 on 4 game or a good paced 5 on 5. As well, with having the boards the chasing is limited to wild shots, deflections or goof ups. A Soccer goal is about 24 ft, vs an Ice Hockey goal being about 6 ft. Because these goals are somewhere in between I was able to play goalie more like hockey than football, and thoroughly frustrated some Germans. I had a blast, received some smack talk, but better yet, “Vielleicht wir sollten ihn kaufen fuer naechste woche.” (Maybe we should buy him for next week). Just trying to keep in shape for Your Doom, (UW Intermural Soccer Team). Good Luck Team.


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  1. I heard from Kels YOUR DOOM “did not lose!”
    for the first time!!

    …so proud 🙂
    I guess even without my amazing skills on the field they can do well. ;p

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