Checkpoint Charlie



USSR -yessir

USSR -yessir

berlin-leipzig 112

this guy was a punk. whistled for ‘the choir.’ say what you will about the states, but this guy needs a new job.

berlin-leipzig 110 berlin-leipzig 111 berlin-leipzig 113

Parties involved

berlin-leipzig 118 berlin-leipzig 117 berlin-leipzig 116

berlin-leipzig 119


pizza marghertia

pizza marghertia

face the facts

face the facts

wallin' it up

wallin' it up

berlin-leipzig 137

berlin-leipzig 135

A new hope

berlin-leipzig 124

berlin-leipzig 136

just, just another long day without you



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2 responses to “Checkpoint Charlie

  1. Nice pictures. I didn’t know Checkpoint Charlie was still there. I figured it would be torn down like the wall.
    Good Stuff

  2. thankyousaku

    Thanks. Checkpoint Charlie is definitely still there, however the wall can be found all over the city. As well, ‘for as low a 5 euro, you can bring a piece with you wherever you’d like!’ -Berlin board of commerce and tourism

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