Mecca – Oranienburger Strasse

“Berlin’s alternative art scene”

A little more on Oranienburger Strasse and Kunsthaus Tacheles from the most reputable source I know, click the picture below:

click it or ticket

click it or ticket

Our hostel was within walking distance from a lot of significant Berlin staples, and even those that weren’t we walked there anyways. But, if I could speak for Joey, I would say this ‘Alternative Art Scene,’ Zapata and Tim Roeloffs’ art exhibit were our favorites of the city.




berlin-leipzig 233

berlin-leipzig 238

berlin-leipzig 237

berlin-leipzig 579

berlin-leipzig 583

berlin-leipzig 240

berlin-leipzig 245

berlin-leipzig 241

berlin-leipzig 246



right (night club) next door

right (night club) next door


berlin-leipzig 255

berlin-leipzig 256

berlin-leipzig 257

berlin-leipzig 259

mission accomplished

mission accomplished

berlin-leipzig 264

berlin-leipzig 265

berlin-leipzig 266

berlin-leipzig 267

berlin-leipzig 270

berlin-leipzig 271

berlin-leipzig 273

berlin-leipzig 274

berlin-leipzig 277

berlin-leipzig 276

berlin-leipzig 278

started a lot happier..

started a lot happier..

than it ended

than it ended

berlin-leipzig 285

berlin-leipzig 286

berlin-leipzig 288

berlin-leipzig 289

berlin-leipzig 293

berlin-leipzig 295

berlin-leipzig 297

Joey's contribution

Joey's contribution

berlin-leipzig 299

berlin-leipzig 302

berlin-leipzig 303

berlin-leipzig 304

berlin-leipzig 312

berlin-leipzig 314

berlin-leipzig 310

berlin-leipzig 316

Tim Roeloffs

berlin-leipzig 305 berlin-leipzig 306 berlin-leipzig 308


berlin-leipzig 443

berlin-leipzig 445

berlin-leipzig 446

fire breathing*

fire breathing*

berlin-leipzig 449

Border Wars in the Art Garden/Back of Club

Border Wars in the Art Garden/Back of Club

LASTLY (outside, one more look)

berlin-leipzig 567



berlin-leipzig 569

berlin-leipzig 570

berlin-leipzig 571

berlin-leipzig 572

worth a try + fish?

worth a try + fish?

berlin-leipzig 574

berlin-leipzig 576

Au Revoir

berlin-leipzig 578



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5 responses to “Mecca – Oranienburger Strasse

  1. Joseph Smith (yeah, like the PROPHET, big whoop)

    Definitely excellent. Could have used a few more “my Brad Pitt-esque Face” photos, to be quite honest. Timeless memories in and around this place for sure.
    P.S. stealing photo for facebook.

  2. Wow I wish I could go there…

  3. Geheim Mutter

    Allison said it best – Wow!

  4. John O

    Is anywhere left untouched? Amazing displays of art, but my God its everywhere.

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