Fredrik mit Brueno

Fredrik mit Brüno

Way too much Brüno. Way too much… (don’t look if you, well, either way you are likely to think less of me).



ask me about it sometime

ask me about it sometime

es ist vorbei

es ist vorbei

still love me, parents?

still love me, parents?

The first few pictures are from a weekend trip to Nuremberg that I made a few weekends ago with friends (Pictures eventually). The last comes from my trip last weekend to Vienna, Austria with Lari and Tanja. Despite the respect that I have now lost, it was and is still neat to say that I saw Brüno in Austria. Well, it at least makes me sound worldly.



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4 responses to “Brüno

  1. john

    I would love to see the reactions of Austrians watching a Brit portray an Austrian. An admittedly ove the top Austrian.

  2. thankyousaku

    same formula as Borat.

    Lots of laughter from the Audience. I heard an equal amount of chatting in German and English.

    ..probably most of it coming from me

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