Wegen Wien (teil 4, graffiti)

Wien 194

Wien 193

Wien 195

Wien 207

Wien 217

Wien 235

Wien 237

Wien 325

Wien 327

Wien 328

Wien 330

Wien 331

Wien 332

Wien 335

Wien 334

Wien 336

Wien 337

first appearance of Calvin

first appearance of Calvin

Wien 340

Wien 341

Wien 342

Wien 343

Wien 345

Wien 346

Wien 348

Wien 352

Wien 353

Wien 355

Calvin and HOBBES

Calvin and HOBBES

Wien 360

Wien 361

Wien 362

Wien 363

Wien 364

Wien 365

Wien 368

Wien 367



so, my last update whilst in Germany, naturally so it is about Austria.

I’ll make sure to do a few sentimental thing-a-ma-bobs when I get back to the states, but just know that this trip has been better than I could have imagined.

Tübingen (approx. 4 months) – Stuttgart (approx. 10 minutes) – Paris (approx. 1 hour) – London (approx. 5 days) – Mur’kah (undecided)

prost, cheers, skål, kippis

prost, cheers, skål, kippis



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3 responses to “Wegen Wien (teil 4, graffiti)

  1. Geheim Mutter

    I love the balloons, the milk carton dude, and especially the uterus (don’t cha know…)
    Can’t wait to see you!!!

  2. those are some awesome grafitti’s! and I love the balloons too!! have a good time travelling around!!!

  3. These are awesome pictures! I love all the graffiti, especially the 3rd from the bottom…I laughed out loud!

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