nuremberg 010

nuremberg 073

nuremberg 011

nuremberg 045

nuremberg 104

nuremberg 131

nuremberg 170

nuremberg 127

nuremberg 188

nuremberg 213

nuremberg 251


I’m about out of picture capacity on this here blog attempt. I scrolled through it completely for the first time and it was odd having all of the memories flood back. It was a lot easier coming back than I had expected, but a lot of it had to do with being the last of my friends to leave and having someone waiting for me on the other side. But it was and is something I’ll never forget and am so greatful for all of the people who helped shape the trip and who helped to shape me into who I’ve become. I guess this is about it for the blog, but hopefully the pictures allowed some or a few people to share in the experience. If you’ve ever the free time, and the interest, I’ve got plenty more pictures, stories and bad jokes to go along with them. Thanks again.


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One response to “Nuremburg

  1. i loved following your blog and seeing your pictures. i’m glad you had a good trip, ben : )

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