The missing post: Leipzig (reached upload limit)

If feels like it was forever ago

When we’d arrived in Leipzig we’d traded sleep for a longer final night in Berlin and it showed. We tried to blend in with the residents but were unsuccessful largely due to the fact that Leipzig also played host to the National Gothic Convention that weekend (sadly not pictured). After being woefully lost and finding a mirage that actually turned out to be a Freibad we found our typical East German Space Aeronautics Hostel… We were treated to breakfast and asked to help translate a text that was to be sent into outer space.

Joey accidentally booked us a tent spot next to the replica moon lander. Fortunately they had room

It feels like it was yesterday

And with that, this blog is officially finished.

Thank you God and or Saku Koivu


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One response to “The missing post: Leipzig (reached upload limit)

  1. Joey

    Man, that is one FULL backpack.

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